Cosmpiercers: Fighting Each Other Ta-Deth

A scientist researches a mysterious Cosmpiercer.

Cosmpiercers. These ancient sensor stations, created by the long-extinct Ta-Deth race, have been of interest to Y’saari researchers for years, to the point where the offered bounty for their capture and activation became a contentious divide among the factions.

Recently, the Y’saari Archaeological Institute for the Study of Elder Races (YAISER), exposed the Cosmpiercer station located in zone RS-6446 to a newly discovered mineral found in the deserts of Delphi. The resulting energy surge resulted in mass evacuations of all faction squadrons and platoons currently occupying the Cosmpiercers.

In the aftermath, YAISER put out a statement explaining that the Cosmpiercer stations were able to achieve unprecedented levels of energy when fueled by these strange crystals, which the Y’saari named after the race that built the Cosmpiercers.

A Ta-Deth mineral deposit

Ta-Deth Crystals

According to YAISER, Ta-Deth crystals can be found in planetary mineral deposits throughout the galaxy. Scientists theorize that the widespread nature of these crystals makes them an elemental component distributed throughout the stars when the galaxy was formed.

Deposits of crystals, when found in the wilderness, are used to power the Cosmpiercers, and in the aftermath of the energy surge, the three factions set up storage facilities to keep the refined crystals in stasis. A surge of exploratory activity has resulted from YAISER’s research – along with a surge of inter-faction conflict, as well, as exploration teams from all three factions often come to blows with each other over the crystal deposits.

But the increased energy output of Cosmpiercers seems to make them useful for more than just surveying the zone of space they’re in, and has given rise to a few pressing questions. Just who were the Ta-Deth, anyway? How did they build such long lasting sensor stations? What else might have survived from their culture, and how can we make use of it today? These questions are slowly being answered as the new, crystal-fueled capabilities of the Cosmpiercers becomes clear.

A human woman finds fascination in this powered Ta-Deth artifact.

Ta-Deth Artifacts and Cosmpiercer Powers

The Ta-Deth people valued permanence in their technology. In this long-lost culture, devices were not meant to have a limited lifespan, but survive for aeons, passed down from generation to generation. Though following this path logically meant a necessary sacrifice in the speed of upgrades and research advancements, the ‘technological arms race’ mentality so common to the modern world was not something that the Ta-Deth society indulged in.

Such is the quality of their legacy that there are plentiful amounts of Ta-Deth artifacts still in existence today, of which the Cosmpiercers are simply the largest and most visible example. Though Ta-Deth artifacts are beautiful, strange, and often made from precious metals and gems, they have long been considered useless, little better than collector’s items. Now, however, research is revealing that Ta-Deth artifacts are able to be activated when a Cosmpiercer has enough energy stored, resulting in advanced technological abilities long thought to be lost to time.

The factions have been quick to take advantage of this fact, and faction members can unlock access to Ta-Deth artifacts when they capture Cosmpiercers and keep them powered.

Stop right there, Celestine scum. This is Scatterhome territory!

On Your Mark, Get Set, Fight!

With the discovery of Ta-Deth crystals and their interaction with Cosmpiercers, factions have more reason than ever to do battle amongst each other for control of the ancient stations. The mineral deposits found in the wild places of the planets are a hot commodity, while the stations themselves are ripe for takeover from the occupying Ishvana forces.

Rest assured that the Y’saari are keeping a close eye on the use of the Cosmpiercers and artifacts, and will likely have fresh discoveries to reveal in the future as their research continues. In the meantime, good luck, Starmourners – may the best faction win!

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