Time Crisis in Starmourn

Breaking news from the Starmourn News Network! Over the past few weeks, citizens of the sector have come under assault by bizarre behaviors in the fabric of space and time. Reports are coming in from every faction about unplanned trips to what seems to be the past. People have claimed to see Oldtown before it was old, the planet Song before it was irradiated, and the subnet before it was buried. There have been repeated instances of monstrous anomalies springing up in random locations, assaulting unsuspecting citizens with horrific visions of the past and future.

Strangest of all, perhaps, are the unnatural prisms that seem to be linked to these temporal incidents and anomaly attacks. Efforts by scientists and researchers to understand these incomprehensible, physics-defying objects have led to nothing but destruction, misery, and a great deal of death. A representative from H.E.T.E. claimed that ‘business had been very good lately’ – a statement for which the cloning monopoly later apologized.

What does it all mean? Is there a purpose to these seemingly random, unconnected events? Can anything good ever come from meddling with the fabric of space time? Does the fate of the universe hang in the balance, or is a hungry mad scientist just trying to find the long-lost original recipe for Scatterhome Gumbo?

One thing is sure, the weeks to follow will almost certainly shed some light on what’s going on. You wouldn’t want to miss it, would you? Log in today!

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