The Wreck of the Event Horizon

Reality is unstable. Time is in flux. What will happen next?

On the 20th of Milli, in the year 960 A.E., an experimental spacecraft was launched from Omni Station, bound for the far borders of the sector. Fitted with an experimental skipdrive, modified to use the temporal crystals that have become ubiquitous throughout the sector, the ship was populated with a crew of scientists and explorers, and piloted by Holgorath Ironbound.

In addition to the captain, the Event Horizon’s crew consisted of Erni and Lynair Ironbound, Jaidyn Nova, Lanaya, Isabella, Rogzel, Shardclaw Dragonlord, Akiko, Ordarris, Lain T’rath, Soza Phis’tor, Naldan T’aeir, Steve Sol’lun, and even the Lord Commander of the Song Dominion, Vega T’rvati. Of course, the entire reason for the voyage existing in the first place is all thanks to Fl..i//[ERROR: FILE NOT FOUND]p –//#%%%- ia.

The Event Horizon, as it was called, was donated by the Ironbound dynasty to Fl..i//[ERROR: FILE NOT FOUND]p –//#%%%- ia – an unknown explorer, who piloted the ship to RS-7749, just inside the border of the Ibyssian Brotherhood region of space.

While locked in broad orbit around an unpopulated star, experiments were conducted upon the Event Horizon that researchers are still attempting to understand. What is clear to everyone is that the entire galaxy felt reality and time go into temporary flux, locking everyone into a frozen state for a short period.

Reports are conflicting as to what actually happened to The Event Horizon. Those on board the vessel state that the ship was destroyed, that it wasn’t destroyed, that it aged before their eyes.

Rescue of those stranded on The Event Horizon was only possible after an experimental maneuver with the skipdrive of Fl..i//[ERROR: FILE NOT FOUND]p –//#*%%%- – after which the wreck and everyone on it once again became accessible to the commsphere. Fortunately, Erni Ironbound was able to rescue the stranded crew in his ship, the Alternating Current.

Long range scanners confirm that the wreck of the Event Horizon remains in orbit in RS-7749, ruined beyond any hope of salvage, the dangerous, anomalous lifeforms within sustained by a strange energy.

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