New Ships, New Storytellers, and New Selubir – Oh My!

Turns out there’s a lot more to Selubir than windmill drones…

Been a minute since we updated the website, so here’s what we’ve been up to lately, Starmourners!

Selubir Expands!

The incredibly hard work and artistry of Damiel and Soren is revealed in their biggest, most lovingly detailed project yet. The planet Selubir, a dusty, orange-colored human colony known most famously as the homeworld of Cassandra Min, has been expanded in a massive way to be more friendly to newbies and veterans alike. Full of lore, quests, and new creatures, you’ll have to visit it to learn all its secrets, but check out Announcement 190 for a sneak peak at all the details. This project has been a labor of love, and it shows in every line, so be sure to check it out!

New Storytellers!

Give a warm, warm welcome to Argus, Nicnevin, and Neritus, Starmourn’s newest and shiniest Storytellers. They’ve been working hard to get up to speed on the game’s current systems and complete their training tasks – it won’t be long now before they start in on projects of their own!

Luxury Superstructures!

New superstructures are available from Serenity Forgeworks and Vertix Luxury Systems. They are expensive, but their stats have been significantly boosted. Check them out at shipforges across the sector today! New shipsims and new capacitors have also been added for some ship classes. Check out announcement 183 and update 429 for more.

Affliction Changes

Last but not least, Senzei and Zersiax have been working hard too! Thanks to the feedback of the player base, we’ve been slowly working at refining the game’s afflictions. The ‘mind’ and ‘muscular’ affliction categories have recently received some love. Read announcements 187 and 188 to get the details!

That’ll do it for now, spacers. See you in the stars!

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