Time Marches On!

Chase the rainbow tesseract in Starmourn this month.

Hello, Starmourners!

It’s another month – March, to be precise. We hope you’ve enjoyed all the shipchanges we’ve all been working on! Don’t forget to give Damiel and Zersiax a whole lot of love for all their hard work, testing, and research. The new Storytellers are also busy – you might have been noticing a few little quests popping up here and there. And of course, we have all been absolutely in love with Selubir.

We’ve been setting new records for missiles fired in Mission Control, by the way. Seriously, did you know that in the past two weeks you’ve shot the grid almost twice as many times as you did for the entire month of January?

What’s on the horizon for THIS month, you ask? Well, Mission Control is going away for a bit, but as the subject of this announcement has probably clued you in – we now have tesseracts available! Gather your friends and share the love!! If you’re unfamiliar with tesseracts, check out HELP TESSERACTS for all the details, and be sure to go stock up on some on our website – they’re under Artifact Packages.

We have new prizes available in the tesseracts, and they are the following things:

– A RoamTek experimental exploration matrix – This HIGHLY unstable teleportation device is perfect for flinging yourself (or your allies) across the known galaxy at a moment’s notice. RoamTek takes no responsibility for any loss of life, limb, or sanity that occurs while using the device, but does promise that they’ve worked out the bug that lands you in the middle of a star. Mostly. Probably. Recharges every 12 hours. Not usable in arenas.

– A shipboard drinkery – Curate and serve a custom menu of beverages onboard your vessel with the help of your new cheerful robotic companion, permanently installed in this new ship room.

– A small diamond-backed scorptail – Annoy your enemies and amaze your friends with the control you have over this highly venomous, miniature scorptail pet. One of the galaxy’s most savage predators, rendered benign (to you. mostly.) by a cybernetic implant. Genetic engineering has made this little guy the size of a feracht rather than a broncayo, making it a lot less deadly when it decides to sit on your shoulder.

– Two new issues of StarStruck magazine – the Pop Stars edition and the Punk Icons edition. Try on the dazzling rainbowfied look of the Pop Stars genekit, or get gritty with the sharp-edged style of a Biopunk icon.

Also available are:
-a portable RoamTek Trophymaker
-an understated leesa dispenser
-the Galactic Starship Trend Tracker
-a stasis field
-a transponder registration chip
-a pair of eight-sided fortuity dice

And the usual random minipets, credits, lessons, mildly interesting things, and so much more!

Artifacts available in this month’s tesseracts are as follows:

Good luck, Starmourners. I hope you find a lot of gold at the end of your
rainbows this March!

p.s. We have something fun and new coming in a couple weeks, so stay tuned!!

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