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94.9 Tesseracts

Tesseracts are a unique sale item found only in Starmourn that dispense various prizes.  They can sometimes be purchased directly on the website, while at other times they are given as a reward for credit purchases.

Tesseracts come in various colors, all of them starting off as blue. You may TURN <tesseract> <RED|GREEN|BLUE|GOLD|RAINBOW> to alter its color and the odds and kinds of prizes that are inside. 

- BLUE : Standard, all of the prizes, balanced odds
- RED : Double the chance to get artifacts, but also double the chance to get credits and marks
- GREEN : Double the chance to get items, lower chance of everything else
- GOLD : TURN-ing to gold requires 5 tesseracts and combines all 5 of them into one. Prizes become 5x and there's only credits and artefacts inside. The Gold tesseract also contains a couple of arties that aren't available in the other tesseracts
- RAINBOW : TURN-ing to rainbow requires 5 tesseracts and combines all 5 of them into one. When you open this one, EVERYONE IN THE ROOM with you will receive a prize from the BLUE tesseract pool, including yourself. So gather your friends in the room before you open these up. If you get more than five people in the room, you're basically gaining value for free

NOTE: You can freely change the color any number of times before opening, but NOT if you turned five tesseracts into a gold or rainbow tesseract. Those stay locked. They will also not be consumed by other gold/rainbow tesseracts.