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Game Help Files

6 Items and Interactions

6.1)    NPCs              Non-player characters, denizens, mobs.
6.2)    Items             Items around the worlds of Starmourn.
6.3)    Interaction       Commands for interacting with items.
6.4)    Junk              Where did this bloody eyeball come from?
6.5)    Props             Flip a table over and shoot from (relative) safety!
6.6)    Garbage           How to dispose of actual trash.
6.7)    Corpses           What to do with mortal remains.
6.8)    Clothing          Make a statement with your spacer fashion style.
6.9)    Jewelry           Shiny!
6.10.1) Armor             Physical protection for your body.
6.10.2) Armor Selection   Decisions, decisions.
6.10.3) Armor Mods        Add +10 badassery to your armor.
6.10.4) Weapons           Whatever happened to that blaster?
6.10.5) Weapon Selection  So many guns, so little time.
6.10.6) Weapon Mods       Add +10 ass-kicking to your weapon.
6.10.7) Repairs           Make things last!
6.10.8) Compare           Which is better?
6.10.9) Genelock          Things only you can use.
6.12)   Food & Drink      More than just a box of rations.
6.13)   Alcohol           What's a trans-galactic gurgle burster?
6.14)   Drugs             When you need a little mental alteration.
6.15)   Shops             Traditional method of purchasing things.
6.16)   Trade Networks    Buying and selling from a digital storefront.
6.17)   Artifacts         Enhance your Starmourn character even more!
6.18)   Genevaults        Unique customization options.
6.19)   Customizations    Exchange credits to make an item permanent and unique!
6.20)   ClassCustomizations Exchange credits to enhance your class flavor

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