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Game Help Files

3 Your Character

3.1)   Score             Not just a number: your character information.
3.2)   Stats             Statistics or attributes.
3.3)   Skills            All the special things you can do.
3.4)   Honors            Finding more info about others.
3.5)   Rankings          The best of the best.
3.6)   Names             Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

3.7)    Overview          Everything to do with customization!
3.7.01) Customize         How to use the customize command. 
3.7.1)  Appearance        Eye color, height, build, etc.
3.7.2)  Description       Use your own words to describe yourself.
3.7.3)  Titles            More than just Ms. and Mr.
3.7.4)  Battlecry         Cry "Havoc" and let slip the dogs of war!
3.7.5)  Poses             Don't just stand there.

3.8)   Rejuvenation      Turn back time on your face.
3.9)   Death             It happens to everyone. But it's not the end!
3.10)  Marriage          It's what bwings us together today.

3.11)  Experience        What it is and how to get it.
3.12)  Balance           Balance and queuing.
3.13)  Gear              All the essential stuff you should get.
3.14)  Prompt            What it do.

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