Welcoming 2024 – A brief glance at the year ahead!

Now that good ol’ twenty-twenty-three has come to a close, let’s take a look at what’s on the docket for the new year, 2024. Keep in mind that this is a brief and vague outline of project goals, so it’s neither a guarantee that these things will be completed nor a complete list of ALL things we’re contemplating.

All that to say, we’ve got a list of over 20 projects on the docket and the team is very excited to get a-rollin’ on them!

Newbie Revamp

Re-imagining the newbie experience is going to be a main priority for the team this year. This massive project includes reworking the initial tutorial for new players, plus creating a new zone which will focus on further skill development and serve as a go-to location for returning players who need a refresher on the basics.

To those of you involved in this discussion on Discord, thank you for your feedback! Please trust that we will continue to reach out for ideas and additional feedback as we work through this process.

Critter Revisions

Marra’s been working hard on a significant overhaul of the critter system, including new types of tanks, many new tank features, new categories of tank critters, and a full rewrite of the treat mechanics available to all promo pets.

Continued Efforts on Project Homeworlds

Our initial updates to Kovalar are mostly complete and the Belaul have received some much needed love as part of that player race release this past month, but quite a bit of work remains for the rest of the player race homeworlds. We’ve got a lot of the base work done and look forward to continuing efforts on this MASSIVE project.

New Zones to Explore

Several new zones are visible on the horizon, shielded from view by that strangely opaque fog on the starmap. Some clues include – A new space station, historical sites, lore hooks into some nefarious actors in the sector, and deep-water explorations.

Hacking Improvements

We’re looking to implement a broad array of changes to hacking, including new ICE, multi-level hacking grids, better benefits for hacking, options to bust apart terminals, etc and so forth. Hacking is such a unique and quintessentially Starmourn feature, and we want to make sure it’s really given all the love it deserves.

Archaeology Expansions

In addition to some QOL changes specific to archaeology to ensure discoveries can be made in a more reasonably timely manner, we have begun planning additional digsite locations for release this coming year. Get those lemonade stands and fundraiser gala plans ready, arch-thusiasts!

New Systems Inbound

What could this mean? New tradeskills? New abilities? MORE?! We’re not going to share too much about these just now, but stay tuned (and stock up on lessons)!

Plus a bit more –

In addition to all the items above, the team is putting a re-invigorated focus on bug squishing, running player events, quality of life improvements, and a few final adjustments as we settle in to our place in Legacy Mode.

It’s going to be an incredibly busy year on our end, but we’re all so excited to keep rolling and continue making Starmourn an AWESOME place to play.

Cheers to you, and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody! To celebrate the kick-off to what will surely be another STELLAR year in the Starmourn Sector, everyone who signs in this month will get a free 5th Year Commemorative Badge and a giftcatcher!

With so much love and heart emojis and all that sweet, sweet jazz –

The Starmourn Admin Team: Neritus, Argus, Marra, Elan, Senzei, Kauka, Figment, and Ferenzi

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