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Game Help Files

1.1 Welcome

Welcome to Starmourn!

We hope you have gotten off to a good start, with the help of Cassandra Min and her crew. The best way to get to know our game is to participate in this questline, which will take you all the way to level 75 with some great rewards along the way!

That said, if you are taking a break from the action and just want to peruse these help files to get more familiar with the game, we have some suggestions based on your background.

If you are new to MUDs...
We suggest you begin by reading HELP MUDS and then the files listed in HELP GETTING STARTED.

If you are familiar with MUDs, but new to Iron Realms games...
You can get a feel for how things work here with HELP BASIC COMMANDS, HELP GUIDES, and HELP RESCUE before moving on to HELP CHARACTER.

If you are an IRE veteran...
You can probably skip some of the newbie info and begin with HELP CHARACTER, which will give you an overview of stats, skills, and so on.

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