Looking Forward – 2021

Bring us the new year, moon giant!

In our last post, we reviewed the major changes and highlights that happened over the course of 2020. (A lot of things!)

In this post, we’ll offer a teaser of what we hope to get to in the coming year!

In 2021, balancing and enhancing combat (especially pvp combat) will remain a huge and ongoing goal, with Senzei continuing to serve as the player/staff Liaison on all combat-related matters, and Zersiax working hard to finish classleads. We will take a look at arenas, adding more of them, more ways to use them, as well as more games, functionality and rewards. Cosmpiercers will also continue to receive tweaks.

Game growth will be a focus for both players and staff. Clarification to the volunteer contract, additional structure, and more documentation for our team will make contributing to Starmourn more rewarding. (By the way, the Starmourn team will be looking for new help very soon!)

On the player side, we want to maintain a continued stream of new players (which is why Challenge 75 is running until the end of January!) to keep our community growing. We’ll implement a new way to learn about and choose your faction in chargen. As well, we want there to be a clear path towards organization permanence, and will soon be implementing a “staff sponsorship” system so you know what you need to do and how much effort it will take to cement your place in the galaxy forever (beyond just using a mildly interesting thing to promote your dynasty or clan – we’re talking custom quests, clan halls, org-affiliated npcs – well, just wait and see!)

In Starmourn, roleplay will always be a focus, so on the roleplay front, we want to keep spinning plotlines for everyone, maintaining our pace of 3-4 “big” events per year (and countless little ones). We will also continue giving players the support they need to make their own stories feel real and immersive, and continually update the code to support a roleplay-driven game. This includes things like new roleplay-centric commands, new tradeskills, multi-page datashards, and more.

Please note that this post is neither definitive nor final – we want to get to all of this stuff (and even more!), but if a better idea or a more pressing need springs up, we may change gears to focus on that. Know that we are always working hard for you, the player, to make Starmourn more fun – that’s the most important goal of all!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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