It’s Story Time: A Glance Forward To 2023

Hey everyone! Marra and I wanted to follow up with some of the Storyteller Team’s projects and goals for the coming year, in addition to helping with all the building work required for the Conflict Rework. (See Neritus’ Devblog Post)

We hope you’re as excited as we are to dive in!

A photo of the most colorful doorway ever – Perhaps the doorway to the future? OOoooOOooh.
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Our Focus This Year

First and foremost, we have been organizing a project we’re calling variably Project Homeworld, Project Homework, Project Homewerkld, or Project HomeYaBetterWERK. We’ll decide on a name eventually. The purpose of this project is to inject more life into the racial homeworlds: more points of interest, quests, NPC interactions, racial lore, and just generally transforming these areas into a truly immersive experience.

This is a slow-burn project that will be ongoing for quite awhile and we plan to bring in you, the players, for many of the key steps along the way. We may form focus groups, showcase areas and plans through OOC tours, create a free-form discussion in one of the Discord round tables, or reach out directly for players actively engaged in RP in our areas. Thank you in advance for your feedback and suggestions as we work through this massive project.

Some stretch goals outside of the lore build-out will be creating another new area from the original Player Design Contest, creating more functionality and payoff for engaging with in-game organizations, adding more fun to hacking, and maybe even adding another round of polish on Paperweight and the Belaul. There’s no precise timeline for any of this, but we are so excited to dive in!

(Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how many spreadsheets we’ve compiled.)

For the first 2023 project reveal and your opportunity to meet a new NPC hackin-sleuth, make sure you’re logged in this weekend beginning at the sync into Jan 7th, 2022.

Events and Roleplaying

Next, thanks to the REQUEST system, it’s going to be much easier this year for Storytellers to assist players with their events or personal plots! Storytellers in 2023 will remain untethered to particular factions, and instead we’ll be discussing among ourselves who would like to take on what Requests to help facilitate player RP on a case-by-case basis based on our individual strengths and interests.

Please be patient with us and understand our team may be mighty, but we are also very smol. While we can’t promise we’ll be able to do everything you’d like, we will communicate as clearly and consistently with you as possible and we are so excited to see what you all come up with!

Discord Round Tables

We also plan to bring back our Discord voice chats this year, hopefully at least once every quarter. We will post both the recording and transcript after the conversation so everyone can access it.

Rather than focusing on particular themes like before, we’d like to have these as “Community Roundtables,” just a general venue for us to have a chat about everything that’s going on at the time.

Join The Team!

The Storytelling team has come together with as much passion, energy, organization, and creativity as we can muster, and we hope you see that coming through in these updates! If you’d like to sign up and experience it for yourself, we will be putting out a call for volunteers in the next couple of weeks.

Future Worldbuilders, Storytellers, and Coders, we want to hear from you!

Always forward –

Combat stars, hacking gurus, star-laden performers, pet collectors, titans of industry, asteroid destroyers, Ishvana simps, chefs and bakers – All of you have had a profound impact on the world of Starmourn, and we’re so glad you’re along for the ride. We’re really looking forward to fleshing out this sector of ours in 2023 and making it a fuller, more engaging place.

With a snazzy spin and tiny paws a-tappin,
Marra, Argus, and the ST Team <3

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