Your Time to Shine: Roleplay Bounty in Effect Through February 29th!

Get those gears a-turnin’ spacers… This just in:

The Starmourn admin team has issued a Leap Year RP Bounty! Submit your RP Request by February 29th for priority review on your admin-assisted RP event.

Overheard on the in-game news alerts!

To anyone out there who’s been thinking up a new improvement to their faction, an exploratory mission to find a new flora or fauna, a conversation about a unique brand of ship decal, or whatever else is tickling the mind these days, it’s time to pull the plug and dive on in!

Start your RP Request in game with the REQUEST syntax, fill out the details, review it twice, and SUBMIT by the end of February for priority review by the admin team. We want to learn more about what motivates you, the players, and give you support making those dreams a reality.


The Starmourn Admin Team
Argus, Marra, Neritus, Elan, Senzei, Kauka, Figment, and Ferenzi

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