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14.8 Habitations

Habitations are a type of housing available to everyone for purchase with bound credits. Habitations can be customized in much the same way that ships can be refit, with some differences.

Habitations are available in distinct Habitation Blocks. To view available blocks, use HABITATION BLOCKS, listing prices in bound credits and the maximum number of rooms habitations in that block are able to contain. Some blocks have very little max rooms available, such as crowded residential areas or stations with limited space.

Once you purchase a habitation, you can HABITATION ENTER to enter it and HABITATION LEAVE to leave it. HABITATION by itself will show you the available syntax.

HABITATION BUILD <roomtype> <dir> [adj] will build a room in a direction. The [adj] field is an optional adjective which will modify the room's title. Building a new room costs 25,000 marks, and then redescribing it with HABITATION DESCRIBE costs 10,000 marks. HABITATION ROOMS lists all the rooms in your habitation, and HABITATION OPTIONS <ROOMS|DOORS> will show you the available building options for room types and doors.

HABITATION  PROPS <ON|OFF> can be used to control whether props spawn in the room.

HABITATION ENTRANCE can be used to designate a room as the entrance room of the habitation.

Through the PERMISSIONS command, you can set up permissions for other spacers that can access your habitation. Just link your new permission ID to your habitation with HABITATION PERMISSION <id>. You can also choose whether or not spacers you've allied have access to your habitation via HABITATION ALLOWALLIES <ON|OFF>.

Dynasty habitations

Habitations can be designated to a dynasty if they own the "estate" dynasty perk by the habitation owner via HABITATION DESIGNATE DYNASTY, and undesignated by the owner via HABITATION DESIGNATE NONE. Once a habitation has been designated to a dynasty, anyone in the dynasty with the "habitations" role has permission to modify the habitation, such as building new rooms, destroying rooms, and redescribing rooms. Only the owner of the habitation, however, can sell the habitation.

See also: Realestate