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Starmourn Game News

Updates News Posts: 161-122

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161Mar 25th, 2019New Race-Specific Ship Rooms.Starmaker Eukelade
160Mar 22nd, 2019Tweaks to Jelle and Prugita.Starmaker Eukelade
159Mar 22nd, 2019Faction guard upkeep.Garryn, the Reshaper
158Mar 21st, 2019New Quests added to Celestine.Starmaker Eukelade
157Mar 19th, 2019Faction storages.Garryn, the Reshaper
156Mar 18th, 2019Design tradeskill storage.Tecton, the Singularity
155Mar 14th, 2019Update to Hacking Dungeons.Starmaker Eukelade
154Mar 13th, 2019Captaincy tricks and ships.Tecton, the Singularity
153Mar 12th, 2019ECONOMY STATUS.Tecton, the Singularity
152Mar 12th, 2019Economy Updates.Tecton, the Singularity
151Mar 11th, 2019Update to Tranquility Deepness.Starmaker Eukelade
150Mar 8th, 2019Update to Minipets.Starmaker Eukelade
149Mar 8th, 2019Update to Minipets.Starmaker Eukelade
148Mar 8th, 2019Ship updates batch #2 - Weapons.Tecton, the Singularity
147Mar 8th, 2019Optional side quest added to main questline.Starmaker Eukelade
146Mar 7th, 2019Login announcements.Tecton, the Singularity
145Mar 7th, 2019PVP kills/deaths.Tecton, the Singularity
144Mar 7th, 2019Upcoming ship changes.Tecton, the Singularity
143Mar 6th, 2019Evasion Stat.Tecton, the Singularity
142Mar 6th, 2019Datashards.Tecton, the Singularity
141Mar 5th, 2019Introducing Hacking Dungeons.Starmaker Eukelade
140Mar 4th, 2019Hacking.Garryn, the Reshaper
139Mar 4th, 2019Tweaks to Thait.Starmaker Eukelade
138Mar 4th, 2019Space Incursions and NPCs.Tecton, the Singularity
137Mar 2nd, 2019Ship component costs.Garryn, the Reshaper
136Mar 1st, 2019Ship weapons and aggro rooms.Garryn, the Reshaper
135Mar 1st, 2019Class changes and stat resets.Tecton, the Singularity
134Feb 26th, 2019Refinery and autofactory taxes.Tecton, the Singularity
133Feb 26th, 2019Ship changes - Batch #1.Tecton, the Singularity
132Feb 23rd, 2019Market orders.Tecton, the Singularity
131Feb 23rd, 2019Scoops.Tecton, the Singularity
130Feb 23rd, 2019Shuttering factories.Tecton, the Singularity
129Feb 23rd, 2019Incursions.Tecton, the Singularity
128Feb 18th, 2019Withdrawal limits.Tecton, the Singularity
127Feb 18th, 2019One more update for BEAST!Garryn, the Reshaper
126Feb 18th, 2019BEAST updates.Garryn, the Reshaper
125Feb 16th, 2019Shipforge updates.Tecton, the Singularity
124Feb 14th, 2019EM attacks.Garryn, the Reshaper
123Feb 4th, 2019Gas clouds.Garryn, the Reshaper
122Feb 4th, 2019Cosmpiercer defenders.Garryn, the Reshaper

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Starmourn Development is on Fire

Development on Starmourn continues at a furious pace, as the team works to refine, improve, and add to the game on a daily basis! Haven’t been watching the news? Here’s a quick rundown on just a small fraction of the changes that have come out recently: Ships and the Captaincy skill have all had massive…
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Ship Weapon Updates

Tecton just posted up a preview of the upcoming updates to ship weapons, shields, and other space combat-related changes. Head over to the Starmourn forums to check them out.
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Ship updates

We’ve just unveiled a massive batch of ship changes, giving space ships a whole bunch of additional fit-out customisation, as well as paving the way for a bunch of upcoming ship changes! Check out the Updates post #133 for all of the information!
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