Coming Soon: The Starmourn Tutorial Is Getting A Glow-Up

The Admin team has been working hard on the new tutorial, testing along the way and taking care to ensure all your feedback is being brought into account. We’ve broken the tutorial out into three key phases for development, loosely summarized as follows:

Phase One of the tutorial is COMPLETE! This covers the initial entrance into the Sector and covers some key commands including checking the map, checking for exits, probing / opening / wearing items, emoting, a brief introduction to Wetwiring, and interacting with dialog menus. Players will also meet a new NPC mob with some… cute?… no, quirky?… no, dangerous?… We’ll call them “unique” behaviors.

Phase Two is ongoing, but the area is mapped and most of the NPC characters to be met are created, described, and progged. In this section, new players will have the chance to learn a significant amount of lore about the sector to inform and inspire roleplay for their characters. Along the way, they’ll also learn about the bigger systems available to engage with, including a holoperformance of a brand new song by The Vurboks, and some more core skills including interacting with shops, managing their Wetwiring, setting descriptions, slotting mods, and potentially a few other bits that we’re still deciding on.

Phase Three is going to be challenging. This is the final phase of the tutorial where players will meet a Class Legend an- actually I won’t share anything else just yet, but it’s gonna be great.

Things are really starting to take shape with the new tutorial experience!
img: Two black pyramids almost touching at their bases with a burst of light emerging from the center.

In this new tutorial, no two players’ experiences will be exactly the same. The citizens of TutorialLand have significant customization, including several personalities spread across every player-race and physical customization that even includes a rare chance to pull from promo customization options! I’m also working on building out branching implications to the choices players make while in this area which will affect the outcome of their time there.

As a reminder, MainQuest with Cassandra will still be available for players to interact with, it’s just going to get a plug-in further a little further along in each players’ story. We will also be moving the introduction of certain lessons and system introductions to a new zone tentatively named ‘The Academy‘. This will serve as the place where new and returning players alike can come together for a refresher course on key lessons.

In between sprints on the tutorial, we’re also finishing up Marra’s new CRITTER rework, building out a TASK system to supplement the tutorial and give factions a way to structure newbie development, working on RP Request submissions, and even eyeing a few new hunting areas that we’re hungry to release out after the tutorial project is complete.

Once the tutorial is ready, we’re going to open up Tutorial Testing to existing players so everyone has the chance to experience it, but also so we can get feedback and work out any kinks before new players dive in. You’ll be compensated very well for your time, of course.

So… yeah! That’s what we’ve been working on. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Your Starmourn Admin Team

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