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Game Help Files

7 Combat & Fighting

7.1)  Combat Basics      Combat in Starmourn.
7.2)  Health             If it's gone, you're dead.
7.3)  Wetwiring          Keeping you healthy.
7.4)  Subsystems         Subsystems in the body.
7.5)  Afflictions        Ailments and maladies. 
7.6)  Cures              Fixing things wetwiring can't.
7.7)  Defences           Enacting protections.
7.8)  Escaping           Run away!
7.9)  Lawlessness        Flagging yourself for PK.
7.10) Bashing            Kill all the things!
7.11) Damage             Ow ow ow ow owwwwwwww.
7.12) Arena              Practicing PvP with fewer consequences.
7.13) Aliases & Targets  Killing rockhopper after rockhopper after rockhopper.
7.14) PK                 PK a.k.a. PVP.
7.15) Bounty Hunters     Putting bounties on other players.

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