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13.1 Factions

There are three major civilizations in Starmourn of which you can be a member: Scatterhome, the Celestine Ascendancy, and the Song Dominion. These civilizations, or factions, each control a significant amount of territory in the Starmourn Sector and have populations that number in the billions.

To join a faction, you must find a member who is able to induct you.

Each faction is very different, but they do share a number of functional similarities, particularly in the commands you can use. Some of the most basic commands available to you are:

   FWHO -or- FACTION WHO                Show members currently online.
   FT -or- FACTION TELL <message>       Speak on your faction's channel.
   HISTORY FT                           View recent communications on FT.
   FACTION MEMBERS                      List all members of your faction.
   FHELP INDEX                          List files written by your faction.
   FHELP <file>                         Read files written by your faction.

Following are some additional commands to use. There may be more commands available to you beyond those listed here, depending on your position within the faction - FACTION will list any additional powers you have.

   FACTION POSITIONS ...                View (or manage) positions and powers 
                                         within the faction.
   FACTION RANKS                        See the available ranks in the faction.
   FACTION REFERENDUM ...               Display syntax for viewing and voting
                                         in referendums.
   FACTION FAVOR <name>                 Bestow your favor upon another (will 
                                         contribute to raising their rank).
   FACTION DISFAVOR <name>              Express your disfavor of someone (will 
                                         contribute to lowering their rank).
   FACTION LEAVE                        Quit the faction.

Commands that you MAY have access to, depending on your faction, which have to do with leadership and influence (see HELP LEADERSHIP for more).

   FACTION INFLUENCE                    Display your influence in the faction
                                         (Song & Scatterhome).
   FACTION CHALLENGE ...                View and issue challenges (Song).
   FACTION CALL ...                     View and issue calls (Scatterhome).
   FACTION CONTEST                      Begin an election.
   FACTION ELECTIONS ...                View and vote in elections.