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45Aug 24th, 2022Part One.Zarrach
44Jul 31st, 2022Fucking Trash.Zarrach
43Jun 17th, 2022Unsteady.Paperpusher Ioe
42Dec 4th, 2021Noodle...Timewrecked Milo MoonchildFlogger Kaos T'rath
41Aug 18th, 2021.Rothare
40Jun 27th, 2021Seventeen Mirrors.Trickster Ariadne Echanini, The Sunfallen
39May 3rd, 2021An Ode To Noodle.Socialite Kaos T'rath
38Jan 23rd, 2021Women of Scatterhome.Poet Yi'jiaru, the VoidwitchMarshal Lupisentia Ironbound, the Shenanigan
37Jan 4th, 2021Drizzle.Guardian Executive Grek
36Oct 24th, 2020Dear Kaos T'rath,MarloffTimewrecked Kaos T'rath
35Oct 11th, 2020Your opinion.Impera Van T'rath, Celestial CommanderFlipilaria, the Temporal Gazer
34Oct 11th, 2020Your poem.Flipilaria, the Temporal GazerImpera Van T'rath, Celestial Commander
33Oct 10th, 2020Keen to Clean a Mess you Wrest.Impera Van T'rath, Celestial Commander
32Sep 28th, 2020Why, Cassandra Min? Why?Teren
31Aug 26th, 2020Ode to the sex shop on Omni Station (NSFW)Teren
30Aug 20th, 2020To Anonymous.Teren
29Jul 21st, 2020In Praise of Wine.Guardian Executive Grek
28Jun 4th, 2020To a New Musician.Spacer Grek
27Apr 25th, 2020Yoked.Spacer Grek
26Jan 26th, 2020Just listen.Necerursh, Guardian General
25Jan 26th, 2020Limericks for Dummies.Starmourner Nimue, Twisted MenaceNecerursh, Guardian General
24Jan 26th, 2020The little W'hoorn.Necerursh, Guardian General
23Dec 7th, 2019OTTO.Otto
22Aug 24th, 2019Minimalism.Flipilaria
21Aug 8th, 2019Escape.Voyager Poet, Aristos
20Aug 4th, 2019Imagine the Pastabilities.a lumbering Tukkav noodle vendorFlipilaria
19Jun 11th, 2019This Is Just To Say.TempestExplorer Shulamit, Cuisine Master
18May 30th, 2019The Hacker's Lament.Explorer Clover Corvidae, Director of Joy
17May 11th, 2019Vaxis and Slander's Wedding Poem.Voyager Poet, AristosSlander Erebus
16May 7th, 2019Hollow.Grek Lockwood
15Apr 25th, 2019Unfettered.Voyager Poet, Aristos
14Apr 9th, 2019None.Flipilaria
13Mar 29th, 2019Rise.Grek Lockwood
12Mar 13th, 2019For you, Kew, from Peiry.Starmourner Vega T'rvatiKew Lockwood
11Mar 5th, 2019Your dirty limerick.FlipilariaVoyager Peiry Lockwood, VP
10Feb 24th, 2019BOB.PlutiSpacer Bob
9Feb 13th, 2019This poem sucks.Flipilaria
8Feb 13th, 2019On Obscurity.Voyager Grek Lockwood
7Feb 7th, 2019Faithfully.Voyager Grek LockwoodTanis Sinnsro
6Jan 30th, 2019Requiems.Spacer Grek Lockwood

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The most wonderful time of the year: Welcome to Winterflame!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Starmourn: Winterflame! A Tukkav holiday at its core, Winterflame is the celebration where spacers of every race and creed set aside their differences to come together in warmth and friendship, to exchange gifts, and to build a chosen family that is as important as blood. What…
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"Legacy mode FAQ" - text over a starry, turquoise background with a hand in the foreground holding a jar of galaxies

Legacy Mode & Beyond

Learn about what Legacy Mode really means for the world of Starmourn, reminisce on what we've accomplished so far, and get a sneak peak at what's on the docket for the future. We're still here, folks. Come on in- the Sector's fine. <3
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A foam of white ocean water cresting a wave overtakes a bright beach, carrying clear blue water up onto the shore.

Hey beaches. Time for an event!

Join us all month for a beach party on the Glittering Shores of Litharge! Jonti Yaghah awaits you, as do a collection of prizes and rather needy beachfolk.
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