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8.2.1 Multiclassing

Multiclassing is the act of switching from one class to another without losing any of the associated abilities of the previous class.

Everyone in Starmourn starts with a single class slot, and obtains ONE free, extra class slot at level 50.

Additional class slots must be purchased for 250 credits. If you don't want to wait until level 50, you can purchase a class slot before then (you will still recieve your level 50 class slot.)

To obtain another class slot, type CLASS PURCHASE SLOT.


When joining a second class, you will of course need to train your skills at the appropriate BATTLEMASTER. You will also need to re-learn your abilities even if you are joining a class you knew previously, but then QUIT.

For each new class you join, the lesson cost will be 33% greater than the preceding class - so choose wisely!


You can only have one class active at a time. To change your active class, you must travel to the homeworld of that class's BATTLEMASTER. Once standing in the class switching room, type CLASS SWITCH <class>. You may only switch class once every 24 hours.

The class change rooms for each location are:

B.E.A.S.T.: A hangar of unpiloted B.E.A.S.T. suits on standby. (v6681)
Engineer: A junk yard full of scrap behind the workshop. (v7863)
Fury: Balancing on the lip of an active volcano. (v9939)
Nanoseer: Before an elaborate, patterned mural of mazelike graffiti. (v9938)  
Scoundrel: A firing range behind The Bolthole. (v6990)


As Void Kith and Star Kith are naturally opposing energies, Nanoseers cannot simultaneously learn the Fury class, and vice versa. For example, if you are a Fury who would like to be a Nanoseer, you must first CLASS QUIT your Fury class.