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8.5.4 The Furnishing Skill

Furnishing is a tradeskill that allows the player to design and produce their own furniture. To get started, TRADESKILL LEARN FURNISHING to acquire the skill. Note that you can only learn two tradeskills at a time.

You then spend lessons at a Battlemaster to learn the various abilities. Learning more abilities means you can craft and design a wider variety of furniture. The Furnishing skill has pretty self-explanatory categories. For example, those with only the 'Seating' ability will be able to access most basic items for sitting at (chairs, benches, stools, and so on). 

To use the skill, start with the base command, which will display syntax for various actions:

You are able to create your own designs, which are the submitted for admin approval before you are able to use them. You can get started with this command:

Please see HELP WRITING STANDARDS for some basic rules we follow here in Starmourn.

NOTE: Most furniture created with the furnishing skill will have many of the same basic properties as the props that the game generates in the wider world. For instance, you may be able to flip a table, or hide behind a chair or counter as cover.

For ideas about the types of fabrics and materials you might be able to use and reference in your furniture design, see the Materials section of the Starmourn wiki, here: