Game Help Files

90.2 Bugs, Ideas, and Typos

There may be times when you want to speak to the administration to report a bug (an error in the game), report a typo in the game, or to give them an idea for the game. Please read all the way to the end for guidelines on what to include.

The syntax is simple:

   BUG <whatever you need to report>

Please give as much detail as possible. Tell us when, and how it happened. Tell us what happened before. Tell us if anything changed recently. If there is a specific place where this bug happened, go there when you issue the bug command. The more detail you give, the better chance we have of finding and fixing your problem.

When a bug is filed, it automatically captures the last 10 or so commands you entered - so filing a bug immediately after 'proving' the bug exists is a good way for us to see exactly what you did to make the bug happen. 

Otherwise, you are able to attach a link to an external log.

Bug Abuse
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! If you have found a way to generate huge amounts of Marks or XP by entering a single command over and over, or if you are able to instantly kill people twice your level with one punch, then you have probably encountered a bug. Please err on the side of caution and report possible bugs, and refrain from exploiting the ones that
have not yet been fixed.

Typos can be anything from a misspelling or misused word, in a room description or a data shard or a denizen's dialog. We really do want to hear about this sort of thing, so don't be shy! Use this syntax:

   TYPO <whatever you need to report>

Please include in your report what the error is and where you saw it. If it is in an item or denizen please tell us that and include the item##### if you can. This makes finding and correcting these typos much faster and easier.

If you think there is a better way to do something, or would like to see a particular feature in the game, or anything else that is not exactly an error, you can submit that to us!

   IDEA <your idea>

Submit as much detail as you wish.

Viewing bugs, typos, and ideas
To keep an eye on bugs you have submitted, add further details, see if anything has progressed, etc., you can use these commands:

   LISTBUGS                   Show all the bugs currently open. [Can also LISTIDEAS or LISTTYPOS]
   BUG <#>                    Displays details.
   BUG <#> LOG <link>         Provide a link to a log.
   BUG <#> COMMENT <text>     Add details.
   BUG <#> PRIORITY           Sets this as your 'priority' bug.
   BUG <#> RESOLVE <text>     Delete your own bugs.
   BUG <#> REOPEN <text>      Reopen  your archived bugs.

*NOTE* You are not able to see any bugs that you did not log yourself.

General Guidelines
 - DO include as much relevant detail as possible.
 - DO give us any information required to reproduce the issue.
 - DO file bugs and typos from within the room they occur, if applicable - your current room is automatically included in the report.
 - Please DON'T file bugs exclusively via out-of-game methods (such as the forums). ALWAYS post a bug report in-game first.
 - Please DON'T file a bug report if it is merely a matter of opinion. This applies more to typos than to bugs, but is a general guideline nonetheless.

Additionally, if you are filing a new bug to clarify one that has been closed, please treat it as a NEW report, and include all of the information from the original report. Closed reports are purged over time, and referencing one in a new report may be meaningless when we actually get to fixing it!

Some additional tips for bug reporting
1) If it is a skill related bug start off your bug report by saying the skill and ability names.
2) Bugs are tracked down through messages received and user input. Please include whatever errant message you got and what you typed.
3) If there were multiple steps to the bug, or you are able to replicate it, please include what happened and in what order.

As with typos, include AS MUCH of the following information as possible (and that applies):
 - As much information as possible about the bug, and how to replicate it. This is especially important with skill bugs and quest bugs, as it is not always obvious how to create a situation where obscure bugs can be found and thus fixed.
 - If the bug relates to an item or mob, include the item or mob number (found via II or IH)
 - If the bug is in a room or room effect, please file the report from within the room, and note that it applies to the room you're in.
   * If you aren't able to return to the room, please make every effort to give us the name or room number of the room!
 - If relating to a skill, include the skill that has a problem, as well as any mitigating or contributing factors that may be impacting the behavior.
 - If relating to a quest, where possible include the name of the quest and information about the stage of the quest. This is very important, as some of the quests are long.
 - Bugs are tracked down through messages received and user input. Please include whatever errant message you got and what you typed.

Examples of of bug reports that lack information (avoid doing this!):
bug <ability> in <skillname> doesn't work' 
 - Why this is bad: This bug is not sufficient. Please be as detailed as possible. Explain how it doesn't work. What do you expect to happen, and what happens instead.

bug The worm on the farm hit me with a sword. It shouldn't have a sword'
- Why this is bad: This bug is also not sufficient. If you're reporting bugs that deal, in any way, with items or mobiles, it is necessary for you to report the number of the object that you're reporting. There could be many worms on a farm, on top of the fact that there are a lot of farms in Starmourn, and without knowing which one you are referring to, the bug is impossible to track down.