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94.8 Collectibles

Collectible cards offer insight about some of the bigger bands and famous figures in Starmourn. They are generally given away during promotions, but you can also buy collectible card packets directly from COLLECTIBLES PURCHASE for 20 credits. Cards from past promotions are also listed for trade by players on the COLLECTIBLES MARKET. Here you can COLLECTIBLE SELL and COLLECTIBLE BUY cards for Marks or Credits. Unbound Credits are used to purchase cards from other players.

Each set contains 5 cards, with details about their namesake. If you collect all 5 cards that belong to a band, you may COLLECTIBLE COMPLETE [# # # # #] a set and get a special reward for doing so, where # is the number of each card you are adding to the set.

When you buy or receive a collectible packet from a promo or COLLECTIBLES BUY, the packet will be in your inventory. When you open a card packet and get a card, there is a chance that the card you get is a premium version (a foil version). If you manage to complete a set of foiled cards, the reward you get is even better and it also includes the base reward. If luck isn't on your side, you may always COLLECTIBLE UPGRADE 4 cards with the same name into a foil version of that card.

If you COMPLETE a set, be warned that the set is permanently yours. You can no longer trade a away a card in a completed set. Therefore, you might want to think twice about using a foil card to complete a normal set! 

COLLECTIBLES SHOW can be used to look at your cards, helping you to learn a little bit more about the lore and popular historical AND modern figures in the Starmourn sector.

COLLECTIBLES are a great way to get fun artifact-like powers, such as a longer gait, faster move speed, or increased performance gain! Look under COLLECTIBLES SETS INFO for more information on what each set does.

Some of the syntax regarding COLLECTIBLES is as follows:

COLLECTIBLES LIST [FILTER]                        List your owned collectibles.
COLLECTIBLES SHOW <id>                            Show details about a collectible you own.
COLLECTIBLES COMPLETE <item1> <item2>..<item5>    Combine 5 items into a matching set.
COLLECTIBLES UPGRADE <item1> <item2>..<item4>     Exchange 4 identical cards into a foil one.
COLLECTIBLES SETS                                 Show your completed sets.
COLLECTIBLES SETS INFO                            Show the effects of completed sets.
COLLECTIBLES MARKET [FILTER]                      Peruse collectibles for sale.
COLLECTIBLES SELL <id> <price> <currency>         Sell one of your collectibles on the market, or price at 0 to remove from sale.
COLLECTIBLES BUY <id>                             Buy a collectible from the market.
COLLECTIBLES ACTIVATE <set>                       Activate the power of a set that has such a power.
COLLECTIBLES PURCHASE [CATEGORY]                  Buy a card packet for 20 credits. Optional include desired category.