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8.5.5 The Mixology Skill

Mixology is a tradeskill that involves producing beverages of all kinds, from juice and flavored water to milkshakes to fermented alcohols. To get started, TRADESKILL LEARN MIXOLOGY to acquire the skill. Note that you can only learn two tradeskills at a time.

Being a MIXOLOGIST will require you to own or have access to a MIXOLOGY workbench, a lab table, a still, or other related equipment. These items can be purchased from any of the three faction cities.

Places to purchase MIXOLOGY equipment, along with empty vessels to hold your beverages:

The Song Dominion: Leckie's Place (v3867)
Celestine Ascendancy: The Celestial Gate Distillery (v9227)
Scatterhome: Widow Feng's Moonshine and Spirits (v9229)
You then spend lessons to learn the various abilities. Learning more abilities means you can craft and design a wider variety of beverages. For example, if you learn the Barista ability you can create caffeinated beverages of all kinds. By mastering the Mixologist ability, you will be able to create blended drinks and cocktails.

To use the skill, start with the base command, which will display syntax for various actions:

You are able to create your own designs, which are the submitted for admin approval before you are able to use them. You can get started with this command:

When your beverage design is approved, you can craft it in the mixology workbench or still, which will fill with your liquid. This liquid can then be manipulated with the POUR and FILL commands.

Please see HELP WRITING STANDARDS for some basic rules we follow here in Starmourn.

For ideas on ingredients to use in your MIXOLOGY beverages, check out the Food and Beverage section on our wiki.