Game Help Files

5 Communication

5.1)   Say                Say something to those in the room with you.
5.2)   Emoting            Conveying emotion and action to those around you.
5.2.1) Racial Emotes      Special emotes for special people.
5.3)   Tells              Send a direct message (or whisper) to another.
5.4)   Messages           Contact someone who may not be online.
5.5)   Expressions        Conveying additional emotion in your communication.
5.6)   Mail               Send packages and items to another.
5.7)   Yell & Shout       When you need to TALK VERY LOUD!
5.8)   Commsphere         Broadcast, Deaths, Market, and other Channels
5.9)   Datashards         Bookworm or... shardworm?
5.9.1) Repositories       Accessing a datashard repository
5.10)  Ignore             Cut off communication from another player.
5.11)  Mindsim            All about your implant.
5.12)  News               Extra, extra, read all about it!